Smoking Cohiba – The Cohiba Cigar Story

The story of the Cohiba cigar starts in 1968 but the story of Cohiba starts in 1492 when Christopher Columbus first discovered the America’s. During his voyage he visited what is now known as the island of Cuba. The island natives introduced “Cohiba” to his sailors and it is said that they smoked the dry “Cohiba” leaves in a pipe called a “tobacco”. As the story goes, Columbus mistook the word “tobacco” to be the name of the leaves that they smoked, instead of the pipe. Seems like smoking Cohibas is a historical tradition, passed down through the centuries to modern day smoking aficionados.

cohiba cigars
The Cohiba cigar was introduced to the public by former Cuban president Fidel Castro in 1982. Before this event, only a select group of people (such as diplomats, close friends of Castro and high-ranking state officials) were priviliged enough to have the experience of smoking Cohibas, but today the brand is known for its quality and taste by all those smoking Cohibas.
The history of smoking Cohibas is tied closely with Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution, probably the closest out of all the Cuban cigars. It was just after the revolution when Castro noticed his one bodyguard, Bienvenido Perez, was smoking a cigar. What attracted him to the cigar was the unique aroma that it possessed. He then proceeded to ask Perez about his cigar and Perez told him that it was actually a nameless cigar that his friend Eduardo Rivera personally rolled for him.
Shortly after making this discovery, Castro summoned Rivera and told him to start a small factory in a guarded mansion, just outside of Havana. The purpose of this factory was to start rolling cigars with the best possible ingredients, for the exclusive use by the president. The brand name “Cohiba” was only applied to Rivera’s cigars in 1968, though the cigars were only available to the highest Cuban government officials, to Castro’s family and important diplomats. The Cohiba brand was only made available to the public in 1982 but due to the trade embargo between Cuba and the United States of America, smoking Cohibas was limited to only markets outside of the US. Only three sizes were initially launched though. They were the Cohiba Panetela, the Cohiba Corona Especial, and the Cohiba Lancero.
Cohibas are known to be made from the finest cigar tobacco that is available in Cuba. The tobacco for the Cohiba cigars is selected from the best of the first-class tobacco fields. In 1992, only ten fields were selected for the production of Cohiba cigars, totalling 700 acres. The exact locations of these fields are kept secret to avoid any possible theft of the Cohiba recipe and theft of the tobacco used in the production of Cohiba cigars. Experts agree that smoking Cohibas is a incredible smoking experience and describe it as medium-bodied and full of flavour.
As far as cigar smoking goes, smoking Cohibas is one of the finest premium cigar smoking experiences you’ll ever have.